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According to my opinion, pursuant to experience which I have ever experienced of, phase meditate that shall be as follows :

  1. Take stand to sit goodness, enabling to take breath better
  2. Throw away all negative and ugly mind
  3. Emptying mind, close the eye, and stay cool
  4. Breathe slowly. Draw breath from stomach center till the crown. Later then exhale slowly. Do all that through nose.
  5. Centring mind into own self
  6. Culminate from meditating is in our moment have do not care again with condition of around, do not feel again our breath although still controlled better. In this condition, we have immersed in the dismay nature. But beware of, usually in this condition we will obtain get obsession which fearful possible and mislead. Don't mind that all, what important remain to focus at own self.

The above is true, hopefully can good for requiring

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